15 févr. 2016

Si j'étais roi, si j'étais reine...

Les élèves de 6ème de Miss Niel se sont pris, l'espace d'un instant, pour des rois et des reines.
Découvrez leurs nouvelles règles d'or, in english!

By Lauriane S.

My four golden rules 

William (6è1), king of the world from 15 february to 19 february

Parents : You must give me a PS (and more games!)
Little big sister : You must give me sweets (I prefer smurfs!)
Teachers: You mustn’t punish the class (0 hours of detention!)
Friends: You must be ecited (Big party!)


Punish: punir
Give: offrir
Smurfs: shtromfs
Detention: heure de colle

My four golden rules

Julia and Typhaine,queens of the warld from february 4 th ,2016 

Friends: You mustn't run all over the place.
Parents : You must stop we waking everything morning !
Cat: You must stop scratching the armchair !
Teachers : You must stop we give homework, please !

Help :

armchair = fauteuil
scratch = griffer
warking = réveiller
give = donner 
homework=devoir maison 

My four golden rules 

Evan D. 

Parents : you mustn’t cook me vegetables every day.(I hate corgette .)
Big brothers : you must wash my room every day .
Teachers : you must give me good marles 20 out of 20 all the time .
Friends : you must wash my shoes for 2 weeks .

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